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A Learning Management System (LMS) is an integral part of teaching and learning. Develop your technological skills towards the enhancement of facilitating enriched student learning experiences.

What have our students learn and how well have they learned it? If we want better graduates who are better prepared to succeed in the 21st century in a highly competitive global environment, we need to assess our students better.

The classroom environment is a critical aspect affecting student learning. Building a sense of community in the classroom is vital to nurture positive learning attitudes. Managing the classroom ensures optimal student engagement and academic success.

Multimodal approaches to teaching and learning enables a learning environment conducive to delivering content in multiple formats. Multimodality for learning benefits knowledge construction and overall engagement of students in a diverse classroom.

What do we know about how students learn and what does that mean for how we teach? Advance your teaching pedagogy to enable student academic success.

An effective online pedagogy is one that accentuates a student-centered learning approach. Learning to teach online is a crucial aspect to address massification, access, and success in HE.

Effective learning design contributes to the quality of instruction in the teaching and learning environment. The result of sound learning design is evident in meaningful learning outcomes, as well as the identification of knowledge, skills, and abilities deemed necessary to master the content.

Research reveals that engaged students are more likely to achieve academic success. Advance your pedagogy on effective student engagement and development in the classroom.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a growing movement in HE. SoTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making inquiry findings public. SoTL balances the demands of teaching, learning, research, and community engagement.

The student generation we teach are vastly engaged and knowledgeable in the use of technology. Teaching with technology enables an effective teaching and learning environment through improved engagement, knowledge retention, and collaboration.

Quality academic leadership is necessary to meet the challenges posed on HE today. Enhance your leadership knowledge and skills through professional development.

Become part of the CTL research and conference journey through a scholarly approach to teaching and learning in HE in the fields of learning design and development, student support for improved success, digital transformation in teaching and learning, and professional development of university teachers.


Suggested modes of delivery for 2020

Moving to Mastery (1 – 2 hours)

This APD opportunity will be delivered as a face-to-face morning/afternoon session. This session will provide information on theories and theoretical frameworks, as well as applicable examples relevant to the topic of the APD opportunity. Participants will not be required to do an assignment or practical application during the session. These sessions would normally serve as a prerequisite to a Change LAB practical hands-on workshop.

Change LAB (2 – 3 hours)

This APD opportunity will be delivered as a face-to-face morning/afternoon workshop. This is a practical hands-on face-to-face workshop that will enable participants to actively engage in the application of knowledge and/or theories with the specific purpose on development of various teaching and learning activities pertaining to the topic. Participants will be required to bring their own pieces of evidence to work on during the session. Participants will also be required to do a practical assignment or application during the workshop. A prerequisite for these workshops could involve the completion of the Moving to Mastery session on the related topic. 

Lunch and Learn (Lunch hour/ Proposed faculty venues)

This APD opportunity will be delivered as a face-to-face lunch hour discussion contributing to a community of practice. This lunch hour discussion will enable participants to share ideas and successes, and reveal challenges participants experience in their teaching relevant to the topic. A showcase of strategies for success by expert lecturers on various teaching and learning challenges will also be offered.

Switch it On Seminars (SOS) - certified (1 hour)

Magna is hosting various online seminars on the related topic. Due to the time zone differences from one region/country to another, these certified online seminars are hosted after hours according to South Africa Standard Time (SAST) time zone. Subsequently, participants will enjoy asynchronous access to the recording of this online seminar. Participants that have registered for the online seminar, will receive a link to access the recording of the online seminar that can be viewed at any time convenient to their respective time schedules. Upon completion of this online seminar, participants will be able to download a certificate of completion. Access to this link is valid until the end of October 2020.

Webinar (2 hours)

This APD opportunity will be delivered in a synchronous online webinar format. Participants will engage with the specific topic in a group discussion, facilitated by the presenter.

Making a Difference (MAD) facilitated online workshop (1 - 12 week online)

This is a facilitated online workshop with strict deadlines to be met during the workshop period. Participants will be required to produce outputs in the form of participation in discussions forms, and/or assignments relevant to the topic.

Getting it Done (GID) self-paced online course (4 - 6 weeks online)

This is a self-paced certified online course that participants can engage with on their own terms and according to their own time schedule. The course schedule usually runs over a 4 to 6- week period. Multiple registration dates are available during the year.


Project leader: CTL APD opportunities

Senior Academic Developer

Dr Mariette Fourie