Work Integrated and Service Learning (WISL)


The WISL system primarily automates, manages, and reports on the placement process for students participating in WIL and SL activities. This is managed through ongoing engagement, advocacy, advice and collaboration with strategic partners such as faculties, Q&APP, community engagement, and IT, supporting the use and maintenance of the operational requirements of the WISL System. This collaboration is vital for supporting the utilization and upkeep of the operational as well as strategic requirements of the WISL System. The administration of the system is carried out in coordination with faculties, ensuring the efficient use of the WISL system in coordinating WIL and SL placements. 


Faculty support includes the following:              

  • WISL System design, development, and configuration in collaboration with faculties or schools.
  • Training of WIL and SL coordinators in faculties or schools.
  • Provision of WISL System onboarding advice and guidelines.
  • Curriculum planning and advice for the integration of WIL and SL into programmes and modules.
  • Initiating benchmarking and networking opportunities.
  • Advising and sharing best practices in the implementation, management, and coordination of WIL and SL related activities.

WIL and SL, academic developer, e-learning or instructional design request                                                 

Work Integrated & Service Learning


Understanding Work Integrated Learning and Service Learning


Work Integrated and Service Learning Colloquium 2023

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Ms Andisiwe Madavha
Senior Advisor
018 285 3019
Potchefstroom Campus

Ms Antonette Du Preez
Senior System Administrator
018 285 2780
Potchefstroom Campus