A Message from the Faculty Teaching and Learning Directorate


Dear Colleagues,
I sincerely hope you are all safe with your families. The National Lockdown does not in any significant way affect our support to you as the NWU academic staff. In this site the Faculty Teaching and Learning Faculty Team Leads and Academic Developers are introduced. They will provide every support and guidance you will need in this difficult time. As CTL, we are here to support you in your academic role.

Faculty Leads and Academic Developers are attached to a Faculty. This is clearly indicated below. Simply use the e-mail addresses or call office telephone lines (your call will automatically be transferred to a mobile phone). Each Lead will support you in one of two ways: offer immediate assistance relating to your need, and/or refer you to the relevant experts in relation to your request within CTL more broadly. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

Prof Emmanuel Mfanafuthi Mgqwashu
Director: Faculty Teaching & Learning Support
Center for Teaching & Learning
Tel.: 018 389 2096


Lecturer Support:

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Faculty Team Leaders assigned to faculties are:


Ms Martie Mostert
018  285 2641
Building E8, Office 138
Potchefstroom Campus


Ms Yolani Geldenhuys
018 285 2459
Building E8, Office 101
Potchefstroom Campus

Health Sciences

Ms Vanessa Olivier
018  299 2002
Building E8, Office 137
Potchefstroom Campus


Ms Retha Serfontein
018  299 1899
Building E8, Office 103
Potchefstroom Campus


Economic and Management Sciences

Dr Rone-Marie Keet
018 299 2295
Building E8, Office 103
Potchefstroom Campus



Ms Ann-May Marais
018 3892292
Building A3, Office G80
Mahikeng Campus




Ms Monique Koetaan
018 2852642
Building E8, Office 101A
Potchefstroom Campus


Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Ms Refilwe Matsie
018 389 2180
Building A3, Office G83
Mahikeng Campus

Faculty Academic Developers assigned to faculties are: