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eFundi Support for staff

CTL offers a professional eFundi helpdesk service for staff and students. Find their contact details below. For additional support visit the FAQ and tutorial pages. Visit the CTL training calendar for more specialised training in using eFundi tool effectively for teaching and learning. 


Do you have a question regarding eFundi? Take a look at our FAQ section. You will find answers to questions regarding different categories in eFundi. The categories include general questions, communication, assessment and content delivery.

Video tutorials

Quick 3 minute video tutorials: General

Allow resubmissions


Unpublish an eFundi site


Changing permission settings


Create an exception for an assignment


Creating a group assignment


Embed a YouTube video segment in eFundi


Efundi Auto Groups And Forums For Large Classes


Changing ascribed role


Creating an exception for tests and quizzes


How to join a group in an eFundi site



Quick 3 minute video tutorials: Lessons


The Basics

Add Lessons and Subpages

Move content from one subpage to another

Import Lessons pages from another eFundi site 


Add interesting content

 Import MS Word file to create Lessons 

Upload video into Resources


Create interaction

Embed video into Lessons


Add the Question Tool in Lessons or link to a quiz

 Insert the Comments tool or link to a Forum

Add the Checklist tool


How to record your classes in Zoom

Create a Zoom account

Record with Zoom

Compress video size using Handbrake

Marking assignments with the PDF marker tool

For setting up your assignment for PDF Marker setup, please watch the following tutorials below:
1. Setting up assignments
2. Installing PDF Marker
3. Download assignments from eFundi
4. Marking assignments with PDF Marker
5. Exporting assignments and marks from PDF Marker
6. Uploading marks and marked assignments to eFundi

For a written tutorial on these video tutorials, please access the Assignments tutorial here or under Course site tools.

TAKE NOTE! New campus-wide eFundi helpdesk process:

Log an IT-help ticket

  1. Follow this link: https://support.nwu.ac.za/Login/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

  2. Log in with your CAS details

  3. Click on “Something is not working”

  4. Under the “Teaching and Learning Technology Support” heading, click on the appropriate option

  5. Complete the form. Please provide as much details as possible

  6. In case of error messages, attach a screenshot, it will help resolve the issue faster


Send us an email

Send an email to efundi-nwu@nwu.ac.za with as much detail as possible.


Phone the helpdesk

The various eFundi Helpdesk numbers below are available between 8:00 AM and 16:45 PM.

Central Helpdesk:
018 285 5930

Mahikeng Campus:
018 389 2312
018 389 2447

Potchefstroom Campus:
018 299 2003
018 285 2295

Vanderbijlpark Campus:
016 910 3035
016 910 3038