The tutorial programme offered by CTL: SADS addresses specific academic challenges that arise in lecture rooms.

Tutors are senior, academically strong students. 

They are trained by the Tutoring Program Coordinator and tutoring sessions are closely monitored according to lectured content.

 When a lecturer identifies a problem area in a module where tutorials are available, a tutor will address this matter to assist students individually or in groups, during a structured session outside the classroom.



Tutors: Mafikeng Campus 2019

Faculty Module Initials Surname Email
FNAS BGYM 314 KA ODELADE kennybram@gmail.com
FNAS NPY 172 L NCHOE lezlyjp@gmail.com
FNAS MCBN111 KR MAMABOLO mamabolokhutso119@gmail.com
FNAS NCHE 171 OK MASEBE masebeoki@gmail.com
FNAS NPHY 111 K MOSIA mosia611@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111 NJ RAMMUSI njrammusi@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111, 121 OJ MOTHUPI ororisengmothupi@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111 AS DUGUNYE amandadugunye007@gmail.com
EMS STFM111 CK LEBATLANG tsholosasa3@gmail.com
FNAS STFM 111 M MATSOBE malleniajenetoh@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111 BD MODISE itu.daisy03@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111  ZF MLOMBO zinhlefomlombo@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111, 121 G SEOKOLO poppyseokolo@gmail.com
  STFM 111 K MOGOROSI katlmogorosi@gmail.com
    FS MTSWENI faithngcebo@gmail.com
HUM STFM 111, 121 T NTOAMPE thabangntoampe97@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111 T SEATLANE tsauseatlane@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111  GP KOOPALAME gregory.koopalame@gmail.com
EMS STFM 111 ME NDLETYANA mendletyana@webmail.co.za
FNAS MAYM 114 V MKHONTO mkhontok14@gmail.com
FNAS MAYM 115 N MAHLANGU nthabie47@gmail.com
FNAS MTHS 111, APMM 111 LUCAS tumisanglucasmcclean71@gmail.com
FNAS MTHS 171, APPM 111 LM MOLALE molalelebogang@gmail.com
FNAS MTHS 111, APPM 111 AT SENOSI amogelang288@gmail.com
FNAS MTHS 111, APPM 111 K DIPHEKO kdipheko1423@gmail.com
FNAS MTHS 111, APPM 111 DI THUBISI irenrthubisi@gmail.com
FNAS APPM 111, MTHS 111 KA MORULE kegomorule@gmail.com
FNAS APMM 111, MTHS 111 W MANGANYE wmanganye1@gmail.com
EDU MATF 111 OE MABALE mabaleoe@gmail.com
EDU MATF 111 WB MOTSHABI williamboipelomotshabi@gmail.com
EDU EDTC 111 O SEBOGODI sebogodiomphile@gmail.com
EDU EDTC 111 OG MAMPE obiditsemampe@mcemail.co.za
EDU EDTC 111 SS BOPHELA sinathokonkebophela@gmail.com
EDU BSTE 112 G NKOSI gopolang.nkosi.gn@gmail.com
EMS TMBP 111 BE NQALAMBA bontlenqalamba@yahoo.com
EMS HRMA 311 B MOREMANE boitshokomoremane@gmail.com
HUM POLI 112, 123 CTV KOOSENTSE chwarokoosentse@gmail.com
HUM SOCL 311 MZ MOHULATSI ofentsezeezy@gmail.com
HUM HPOP 313 SK MBELE stephinakgomotsom@gmail.com
HUM KCOM 372, 311 DO TELLA didunloluwatella@yahoo.com
HUM HDEV 211 TO MATHOPE omphilemathope@gmail.com
HUM HPOP 213 D TEMANE davetemane.dt@gmail.com
HS PSYC 311 DD NKETE nketedidintle@gmail.com
HS PSYC 312 WF TSABEDZE wandile.tsabedze@gmail.com

Tutors: Potchefstroom Campus 2019

Faculty Module Name Surname Email address
FEMS ACCF 111  Mareli  Joubert marelij17@gmail.com
FEMS AUDT 271 Christ-Ann Du Toit christianndt@gmail.com
FEMS MACC 371 Innes Van der Westhuizen innesvdw@live.co.za
FEMS ACCS 111 Edward Mkhwanaze mkhwanazibeast@gmail.com
NAS CMPG 213 Patel Ahmed armeepatel@gmail.com
NAS NCHE 213 Etleni Vivier etleneivivier@gmail.com
ING   Jan-Hendrik Smith janhendriktrading1@gmail.com
HS PSYC 321 Andani Netshidzivhani andanirony@gmail.com
HS FLPV 213 Dalene De Beer daleneerasmus@icloud.com
HUM SOCL 613 & SOCY 671 Carna Blignaut carnablignaut@gmail.com
HUM GRKS 674 Isabella Bonati 30783860@nwu.ac.za
EDU RESF 411  Marochelle Fouche marochelle.fouche.mf@gmail.com
THEO PAST 213 Francis Rossouw rossfrani@gmail.com

Tutors: Vaal Triangle Campus 2019

Faculty Module Name Surname Email address
EDU ENIP211 / ENFI211 / ENFI 111 Tiaan Kruis tiaank2016@gmail.com
HUM ENLL111 Euané Jonker euanejonker@gmail.com
HUM HIST212 / HIST312 ZAT Makaba ZAT.makaba@gmail.com
HUM ENLS111 Kefiloe Dipitso dipitsokefiloe7@gmail.com
HUM ENLS111 Bokang Dhlamini bokangdhlamini83@gmail.com
HUM ENLS111 Sheriff Ramphele sheriffceejay@gmail.com
HUM ENLS111 Nthando Gumede ntandodebonaire@gmail.com
HUM PADM111 Michelle Mashamaite Michellemashamaite@gmail.com
NAS BWIA111 Merriam Ndlovu merriamndlovu8@gmail.com
THEO BYBV113 / BYBV211 Nonhlanhla Masibuku nonhlanhlazibuko@gmail.com
THEO BYBV113 / BYBV211 Suné De Kock sunedekock@gmail.com

Tutors and mentors in the Faculty of Law across all three campuses 2019

Campus Law Tutor / Mentor Module Name  Email 
VC TUTOR IURI 111 Alicia van der Bank vanderbankalicia@gmail.com
VC TUTOR IURI 111 Katlego Mokele katlegomokele2000@gmail.com
VC TUTOR IURI 173 Dimakatso Moagi dimakatsodeymar@gmail.com
VC TUTOR IURI 173 Natasha Mpouton natasha.zurcher92.nz@gmail.com
VC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Lesego Mayimela marcelliesamons@gmail.com
VC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Tefo Mainaakae boity30@gmail.com
MC TUTOR IURI 111 Dudu Vilakazi vilakazi2dudu@gmail.com
MC TUTOR IURI 111 Dorka Nordelia Ndlovu 28380673@student.g.nwu.ac.za
MC TUTOR IURI 111 MB Molekoa baitumedi05@gmail.com
MC TUTOR IURI 173 Sindisa Hlahla sindisahlahla@gmail.com
MC TUTOR IURI 173 Tafadzwa Miriam Takunyayi takunyayitafadzwa@gmail.com
MC TUTOR IURI 173 Paul Motshabi motshabipaul2@gmail.com
MC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Bonolo Leponesa bon.law96@gmail.com
MC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Lebogang Ntshonono ntshononolebogang@gmail.com
MC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Tefo Trevor Mainaakae tmainaakae@gmail.com
PC TUTOR JURI 111 Gaby Roets van Schalkwyk gabyrvs01@gmail.com
PC TUTOR JURI 111 Ruth Mpala ruthmpala5@gmail.com
PC TUTOR JURI 111 Kgotso Seahloli kgotsealex@gmail.com
PC TUTOR JURI 111 DS Vermaak minique2000@gmail.com
PC TUTOR IURI 173 Reece Foster reecef017@gmail.com
PC TUTOR IURI 173 Nicole Henning collahennning@me.com
PC TUTOR IURI 173 Ruan Moolman ruanmoolman123@gmail.com
PC TUTOR IURI 173 Serone Stal seronestal1@gmail.com
PC TUTOR IURI 173 Jesse Thorpe jessethorpe21@gmail.com
PC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Goitsemang Gaserotse jenog187@gmail.com
PC MENTOR (one-on-one consultations for all law students)   Elsje kemp elsjekemp54@gmail.com

Mafikeng Campus

Mittah Malebo Magodielo
+27 (0)18 389 2381
Building A3, Block D, Office G86



Potchefstroom Campus

Sonja van der westhuizen
+ 27 (0)18 299 2134
Building E8, Room 136

Vaal Triangle Campus

Diné du Preez
+ 27(0)16 910 3311
Building 13, Room SL309