Curriculum Planning & Development

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Curriculum design refers to the high-level planning of the academic program or qualification as a whole. It encompasses the structure of the curriculum, including the modules offered, the mode of delivery, the content of each module, the sequence in which modules are taken, and the program outcomes and competencies that the program aims to achieve.

The CTL Academic Developers and Student Academic Advisors in collaboration with the Qualifications and Programme Planning Unit (Q&APP) support faculties when designing new academic programmes revising existing programmes and contribute to the evaluation of academic programmes.

Using consultative workshops with the curriculum team our aim is to support faculties with designing module content aligned with program outcomes, assessment strategies, institutional goals and/or professional accreditation standards. Each module is required to have a study guide or a module overview document outlining the key knowledge(s), skills and values to be acquired by students during the course of their programme.


 We offer guidance and support with the following:

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Consultation regarding Curriculum Changes

  • Support faculties with the process of developing new or renewing existing qualifications that require SCAS approval.
  • Provide expert guidance to ensure that the curricula are responsive to current educational trends, industry demands, and societal needs
  • Collaborate with faculty members as part of the Curriculum Team to advise on and enhance the logical and coherent progression of content across the module(s) and study units
  • Review and advise on the design or renewal of the module information within the faculty yearbook study guide and MOD to ensure it is consistent with thedefined qualification or academic programme purpose and the exit level outcomes at the macro level.

Icon: Consultative Workshops

  • The Carpe Diem workshops facilitate and capacitate academic staff to enrich their modules based on sound curriculum design principles
  • Support and advice Faculties in writing module purpose, outcomes, assessment criteria and learning designs for new modules
  • Collaborate with and advise faculty on the design of the assessment plan, modality, weighting, and methods that will accurately measure students' attainment of learning outcomes
  • Advise on effective pedagogical (Teaching and Learning) strategies that facilitate active and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Advice to faculties on WIL and Service-Learning and onboarding on the WISL system

Icon: Evaluation of curricula

  • Participate as a panel member in Internal and External Programme Evaluations (IPEs/EPEs) as professional support staff faculty’s internal evaluation team of a programme.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging ongoing reflection and evaluation of curriculum effectiveness. Provide recommendations for updates based on feedback, assessment data, and evolving educational trends.


Curriculum programme coordinators: