Going beyond academic misconduct, we invite NWU academics and support staff to become part of CoPAI where we aspire to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) that will focus on academic integrity at NWU. We recognised that there is a need to engage in critical conversations regarding the dominant discourse of academic misconduct in the higher education (HE) online landscape, where a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach is called for. 

CoPAI is a multidisciplinary forum which consists of a spontaneous and voluntary group of NWU Staff. This is the birth of a coherent and cohesive vision for academic integrity at NWU, and the beginning of a long-term project in which we will strive to diversify and grow.  It is important for the COPAI to benefit from invaluable academic conversations, scholarly contributions, and disciplinary expertise through a multidisciplinary perspective. These would enable us to reach actionable insights in creating a teaching and learning environment evident of academics and students with integrity, and ultimately quality teaching and learning at NWU.  

This initiative is funded from the Special Projects and Research Directorate, UCDG Project 13: SoTL, in the Centre for Teaching and Learning under the leadership of Dr Esmarie Strydom.

The 2021 annual North-West University Forum webinar: Cheating, dishonesty and plagiarism with online Teaching and Learning. What are students saying? Can we fundamentally change it? was part of the Humanities Faculty Curriculum Conversations seminar series.

Staff members: to report academic misconduct