What is Learning Design?

Learning design is the process of designing student learning experiences which consist of the design of learning activities, learning resources and learning support, guided by the intended learning outcomes. These learning designs are educationally informed and make effective use of appropriate resources and technologies.

Components of Learning Design


CTL provides the following Learning Design support:

Learning activities

  • Support with the selection an incorporation of suitable media and technologies into teaching and learning
  • Support and advise on best practices for the use of multimedia for learning
  • Support with the design of media and activities to address learning gaps
  • Support with the design of online learning activities in eFundi
  • Educational advise on best practices to enhance learning  

Contact an [Instructional Designer] or [Faculty team member]

Learning resources

  • Support with the design and development of instructional videos, podcasts, games, animations, infographics, graphics and photos
  • Study guide coordination and scheduling [link na die betrokke blad]

Contact an [multimedia designer or developer]

Learning support

  • Support with the design of online learning experiences in eFundi
  • Support with strategies to assist students in their learning
  • Develop and provide access to tutorials and resources to support students in their online learning experience

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