CTL Facilities the process for innovative and responsive programme and study material design and development for multiple modes of delivery. We engage with faculties with regard to module transformation and renewal with the purpose of creating learning designs that are approprioate for the challenges of the 21st-century society.

CTL supports academics with designing learning experiences, activities, resources and support, to achieve learning outcomes. These learning designs are educationally informed and make effective use of appropriate resources and technologies.

We offer guidance and support with the following:

  • Design and development of a new module - contact an academic advisor. See who is the academic advisors dedicated to your faculty here.
  • Revising your teaching and learning strategy - contact an academic advisor. See who is the academic advisors dedicated to your faculty here.
  • Assessment design and best practices - contact an academic advisor. See who is the academic advisors dedicated to your faculty here.
  • Best practices for using multimedia for learning - contact a multimedia designer.
  • Selecting suitable educational technologies - contact an educational technologist.
  • Addressing learning gaps (difficult concepts) - contact an instructional designer.
  • Creation of study material (instructional videos, podcasts, games, animations, infographics, graphics and photos) - contact an instructional designer.
  • Designing and developing my eFundi Site (Lessons) - contact an educational technologist.
  • Curriculum/Module design workshops - contact an instructional designer.

Components of Learning Design

Components of Learning Design

Instructional Designers contact details:


Mrs Alrike Claassen
Senior Instructional Designer
018 299 1852
Building E8, Office K34B
Potchefstroom Campus


Ms Benita Jansen 
Senior Instructional Designer
018 299 2693
Building E8, Office K34C
Potchefstroom Campus


Ms Liana Venter
Senior Instructional Designer
018 299 1865
Building E8, Office K34A
Potchefstroom Campus


Ms Zama Mlotshwa
Senior Instructional Designer
018 299 2127
Building E8, Office K34D
Potchefstroom Campus


Creative Studios Portfolios:

(coming soon)


Graphic enhancement of T&L material

Enhancing learning and understanding through visual design


Study guide coordination

Production coordination of study guides and module overview documents (MOD)

Interactive digital study material

Creating engaging learning material


eFundi design


Optimising eFundi sites to guide the learning experience


The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience - Cathy Moore



Video and Audio

Professional video and sound productions and advice