CTL values the integration of technologies into the instructional environment as a key area of focus for education.

Tablets (iPads and Android)

33x iPads

13x iPad Minis

2x AirStraps for presenting with your iPad

1x portable organiser with power bank

8x Samsung tablets

1x Samsung Mini tablet

1x Lenovo ThinkPad

Audio / Video

3x video cameras

3x tripods

1x camera

2x webcams

1x Aver document cameras

1x SMART Podium pen

Teaching and Learning media

All-in-one mouse and scanner

Genius wireless pen mouse

Aver interactive pen

Logitech wireless presenter (clicker)

Wi-Fi multimedia projector





Various HDMI and VGA cables

A universal laptop charger

Adaptors to convert VGA to HDMI, USB to VGA and a Mini-DVI to DVI adaptor


Cables for the following:

Connecting your iPad or tablet to a projector/TV

Connecting your Mac to the internet

Connecting your laptop to a projector/TV

Click here to see the pictures of all of our available technology.


Please book the required items at least one week before the scheduled contact session or required date. The following information is needed in order to make a booking with CTL:

  • Name, Surname, School/Subject Group
  • Contact number (Office and cell phone)
  • Date(s) on which equipment is required
  • Time that equipment is needed
  • Time that equipment will be returned
  • Arrangement re collection & return
  • Type and quantity of equipment
  • Venue where equipment will be used
  • Educational support needed for implementation (if any) – for example support with finding suitable apps to use on tablets – please make an appointment to discuss.


Dr Marieta Jansen Van Vuuren
Senior Academic Adviser
+ 27(0) 16 910 3319
Building13, Room SL312