The ADS (Academic Development and Support) unit strives to provide expert support with a hands-on approach to students and lecturers at the North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus. ADS’ ultimate goal is to inspire academic staff to enhance their skills in terms of both teaching and learning and to provide academic student support on their path to academic success. We offer student support through reading development, Supplemental Instruction (SI), mentoring and tutoring programmes; and academic support and guidance with best teaching practices in the classroom, curriculum design and development, using technology for teaching and learning, professional development and innovative teaching practice.


Our theme for 2017

The "Going Places: The journey to academic success" theme was chosen as a metaphor for the educational journey we all undertake at university. Whether a first year or postgraduate student, a junior or senior lecturer, one will go places with ADS' help. This theme expresses the excitement of undertaking a journey, plotting new paths and reaching new destinations. It underscores that we, students and staff alike, are underway in an adventure to become the best we can be. It captures our dreams for a better future and it affirms the conviction that together we can, indeed, go places.




Student Support

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Reading Development


Supplemental Instruction




Lecturer Support

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Teaching with Technology


Supplemental Instruction

Design Quarters

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Professional Development, etc.


One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience. The design of the studio allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring your flash drive with you and push a single button. The One Button Studio solution...



ARE YOU A NEW LECTURER? The Institutional Course for Newly-appointed Lecturers (ICNL) is a compulsory course for all academic staff and is completed during the first year of appointment. This course consists of two phases: Phase 1, offered at the Institutional Office in Potchefstroom, and Phase 2...



The Institutional Teaching Excellence Award (ITEA) is an award for permanently appointed academic staff. The ITEA Awards...


Campus seminar

In June, ADS hosts the annual Teaching and Learning Campus Seminar. All academic staff are invited to attend this enriching interactive event. Be inspired by two days of expert advice on the newest trends in technology integration...



The aim of a SoTL is threefold: (i) to improve teaching and learning in higher education; (ii) to create the opportunity for lecturers to deepen and share their understanding of learning in higher education; and (iii) to contribute to their professional development. SoTL projects reflect a range of practices...


Short Learning Programme (SLP)

An application for offering a SLP must be submitted to be Institutional Committee for Academic Standards (ICAS) for approval. ADS will assist with the design and development of SLP and...



During the 2016 6th ADS VTC Teaching and Learning Seminar a Best Paper award  will be introduced, creating an opportunity for academic staff  to share their experiences, practices and research in their  journey...



Contact Us

Dr Esmarie Strydom
ADS Director
+ 27(0) 16 910 3064
Building 13, Room SL315

Dr Marieta Jansen Van Vuuren
Senior Academic Adviser
+ 27(0) 16 910 3319
Building 13, Room SL312

Ms Diné du Preez
Student Adviser
+ 27(0) 16 910 3311
Building 13, Room SL309

Ms Thaiurie Govender
Academic Adviser / eFundi
+ 27(0) 16 910 3312
Building 13, Room SL308

Dr Verona Leendertz
Senior Academic Adviser
+ 27(0) 16 910 3036
Building 13, Room SL316

Ms Elaine Moeketsi
Admin Officer
+ 27(0) 16 910 3316
Building 13, Room SL 311

Mrs Manuela Fernandes-Martins
Teaching/Learning Adviser
+ 27(0) 16 910 3315
Building 13, Room SL307

Mrs Elne van Niekerk
Technology Adviser / eFundi
+ 27(0) 16 910 3317
Building 13, Room SL313

Ms Claire Young
Administrative Assistant
+ 27(0) 16 910 3309
Building 13, Room SL 322

Ms Robyn Tapson
E-learning Design / eFundi
+ 27(0) 16 910 3318
Building 13, Room SL313

Mrs Suzan Laubscher
Graphic Design Assistant
+ 27(0) 16 910 3038
Building 13, Room SL 399 E
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