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Studio 1

One Button Studio Desk
  • Do not adjust the camera or the camera's recording settings.
  • Do not move the desk.
  • Do not remove the button or hub.
  • There are several backdrop options available that include: White backdrop, Black backdrop or Grey wall
  • A green screen is available on request to academic staff.
  • A green screen is available on request to students (who have access to Adobe Premiere Pro or similar software to do their own editing).

TV and Laptop
  • There is a TV and laptop available so that you can present with powerpoint or other media.
  • Please use the TV remote to switch the TV on.


  • The lightboard is available on request to academic staff.


  • The flipchart is available on request to academic staff.
Connecting & Projecting a presentation from a Laptop/iPad
  • We do have the following connectors available:
    • TV to HDMI
    • TV to VGA
    • TV to iPad2/iPad Air
  • If possible please provide your own laptop/ipad.
  • Use the black TV remote to switch on the TV.
USB Dock and Recording Button
  • Insert a single USB device into the silver USB dock.
  • Press the silver button to start/stop recording.
Presentation Remote
  • To activate the remote, remove the USB stick from the base of the remote and insert it into the workstation cable or USB dock (left side of the workstation monitor).
  • Do not forget to re-insert the USB stick into the remote before you return it to the ADS office.
Television Remote
  • Press the ON button to power on the television screen.
  • A teleprompter is available on request.
  • Please email the script at least two hours before your booking to:

  • Remember to include the date and time of your booking in the email.





  • The blue markings on the floor indicate your stage.
  • Make sure that you stay within these marks to ensure that you stay on camera.
  • Do not move closer to the camera than indicated, as the microphone will not be able to pick up your voice.

Studio 2

The One Button Studio is located in SL 107, Building 13: Learning and Research Commons.

One Button Studio Kiosk

Image of the OBS desk from the front
Image of the OBS desk from the front