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Welcome to the One Button Studio

The Centre of Teaching and Learning (previously known as ADS) is excited to announce the availability of the new One Button Studio, a fully-featured digital video production studio that is designed to be both powerful and easy to use, requiring no prior video production experience. The Studios, located in SL 107 & SL 108, Building 13: Learning and Research Commons, is available for use by all North-West University VTC staff, and students (valid staff/student card  required). Examples of Studio projects include:

Practice your presentations by recording a trial run in the OBS. Use your PowerPoint slides and/or a teleprompter for the recording.


The OBS can be used as a setting for interviews with your peers or for capturing opinions and talks in the ‘TED Talk’ style.


Use the OBS to record your assignments. These .MP4 videos can be edited or directly uploaded to your eFundi sites.


Practice in-class speaking, conference preparation or rehearse a dissertation defence by doing a trial run in the OBS.


Introduce or explain difficult concepts for your module or develop material for an online or flipped course.


Record a module introduction in the OBS quickly and easily and post it to your module page on eFundi (LMS).


Students use the OBS to record individual or small group assignments for their modules. These videos can then be uploaded to their eFundi sites.


The OBS can be used as a setting for interviewing visiting academics or for capturing expert opinions and talks in
the ‘TED Talk’ style.


Record with green screen or PowerPoint slides. ADS offers free green screen editing to academics when recording content for their modules.


Quick Start Guide


Reserve the studio online

  • Reservations available in 50 minute blocks, 9 hours per day,  5 days per week
  • Reservations available in advance
  • No food or drink is permitted
  • Complete all required fields

Reserve the studio


Go straight to the studio

  • Go to the OBS (Building 13, Split Level 1, SL107/108) to obtain the studio key.
  • Place your bags in the OBS lockers.

Please note that this will require a valid student card.


Record your video(s) in the studio

  • Make sure you have enough space on your flash drive—a 1GB flash drive will record approximately 25 minutes
  • Insert your USB drive into the dock to activate the Studio camera
  • Press the large silver button to start/stop recording
  • When finished recording, remove your USB drive to deactivate the studio camera
  • Optional—Use the workstation PC to view your recordings or to move to your personal USB drive or cloud storage


Return the studio key to the OBS support staff

  • Return the furniture to original positions
  • Lock the studio
  • The OBS support staff will meet you at the studio to collect the key. Remember to also return the pouch with studio accessories if you used it
  • Remember to collect your student/personel card when you return the key

Need assistance?

Need help with reserving or using the One Button Studio?


Email us at:

Teboho Nyakane


Phone us:

OBS Helpdesk -
016 910 3038

  Visit CTL - Building 13, Split Level 3 - SL399E/312/313


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More About the One Button Studio

Penn State LogoThe One Button Studio is a free application for the Apple Mac OS, originally created by Justin Miller at Penn State University. The application is relatively easy to set-up and integrates with popular third-party hardware. For information on building your own studio, see the Setup and Equipment guides produced by Penn State.

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