Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a non-remedial approach to learning that supports students towards academic success by integrating “what to learn” with “how to learn.” 

SI is a free service and recommended to all students.  SI consists of regularly scheduled, voluntary, out-of-class group study sessions driven by students’ needs. Sessions are facilitated by trained Peer Leaders who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups. 

During SI sessions students compare notes, discuss readings, develop study skills and predict test questions.  SI is implemented in high-risk courses in consultation with academic staff and supported and evaluated by a trained supervisor. 




SI Online

SI Online is a new SADS initiative to render support in selected courses to students at a distance or on-line to on-campus students who are not able to attend egular scheduled SI sessions.  

Distance students are seeking intellectual connections and community and face challenges that can be effectively addressed through SI at the various off-campus centres either through SI Peer Leaders engaging with them at the off-campus centres, or via on-line mode from the University.


SI Leaders

  • Contact details - Mahikeng Campus
  • Contact details - Potchefstroom Campus
  • Contact details - Vanderbijlpark Campus    

SI Coordinators

Mahikeng Campus

Mr Lucky Bogatsu
018 389 2974
Building A3, Office G88





Potchefstroom Campus

Dr Charl Nel
018 299 2902
Building E8, Room K19
Ms Annemarie Pretorius
018 299 2105
Building E8, Room K16

Vanderbijlpark Campus

Ms Jani Kuhn
+ 27 (0)16 910 3680
Building A14, Split level 3, Room SL322