Multimedia Design Studio


The teaching and learning Multimedia designer and developer studio offer comprehensive range of services tailored to address specific learning needs. This dedicated unit specializes in creating digital artifacts that incorporate  various multimedia elements such as images, animation, video, audio, and text.

These multimedia resources are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing engaging and interactive content such as simulations, gamification, branching scenarios, clickable infographics, exploratory diagrams, etc.

Professional multimedia design is crucial as it combines different media formats to effectively convey information, stimulate learner engagement, and promote a  deeper understanding of the subject matter.









Contact Information

Ms Lisa van der Westhuizen

Senior Multimedia Designer
018 299 4100
Building E8, Office K28
Potchefstroom Campus

Ms Zarista Verster

Multimedia Developer
018 299 4104
Building E8, Office K32
Potchefstroom Campus