Email & Calendaring


Outlook is the official email service of the NWU.

This service enables the user to make use of the Outlook Email and Calendaring functionality.


  1. Email addresses are created as being and can be personalised (follow infographic steps to learn more), to Use these guides as a reference and if your last name has changed or has been spelled incorrectly.  To achieve this: Click here to go to the website
  2. Kindly be mindful that signing out of Teams and then signing back in is necessary for the modification to become active. Refer to the infographic for step-by-step instructions.

Note:  If you do this at home, a VPN connection is required.



This Service is Available to
Service Targets
  • Outlook accounts can have up to 10 GB of storage per mailbox. 
  • Shared mailboxes can be created in Outlook, for example a venue that can be booked or an email address used for a conference.
  • Webmail can be used to access your mail when off-campus.

The staff member's name and surname is derived from the data entered by Human Capital.  Thus any changes to the staff member's name or surname should be reported to Human Capital.

User Responsibilities
How to request this service
  • Staff: Automatically provided with Staff registration.
  • Guests: Requested through the hosting department.

Shared mailboxes (for Staff only) may be requested by logging a ticket.

How to report a problem with the service

Contact your IT Service Desk.

Incorrect telephone extentions in Outlook are to be reported via IT-Support portal.

Other Resources

Please visit the M2O website for more documentation

Set Outlook as the default mailto client (Windows users)

When trying to open links or share a file from Adobe, Word, Excel or PowerPoint, your computer is still trying to open GroupWise.  Please follow the steps below to make Outlook your default mailto client.

  • Download the following Registry file to your local PC;
    Set Outlook as default.reg
  • Go to your Downloads folder;
  • Right click the above mentioned file and select Merge.

Otherwise please log a ticket for assistance.