Student Email

All registered students of the NWU are assigned a NWU Microsoft as well as a Gmail address.

What is my NWU Microsoft address? (e.g.

How will the NWU know what email address to send my correspondence to?

Students are encouraged to provide their NWU Microsoft email address, as the official email address for communication from the NWU.

This can be done during the registration process or by clicking here.

Please note that communication sent from NWU-systems like eFundi, will be sent to your NWU Microsoft email address.

What is the size of my NWU Microsoft mailbox?

The mailbox size of a student is 1 GB. Please make sure to keep your mailbox within this limit.

How do I access my NWU Microsoft mail?

Click here to get more information about the installation and use of Microsoft 365.  After installing Microsoft 365, use the Outlook desktop client to access your email.

If you don't have the Outlook client installed, you can also use the Webmail client to access your email online(When asked between Work/School and Personal account, choose Work/School account;  When asked between NWU Single Sign-on and Active directory, choose Active directory)

How long will I be able to use my NWU Microsoft address?

The NWU email address is only active if a student is affiliated with the NWU. This address provides a student access to the Microsoft 365 suite of applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Can I forward my NWU email to a private email?

Due to security concerns, it is not allowed to forward a NWU email address to a private email address. This measure is put in place to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. It ensures that communication and data exchange remain within the secure confines of the organization's email system, reducing the risk of potential breaches or data leaks.

What about my Gmail address?

The NWU Gmail email address still exists.

Where can I find help?

Contact your IT Service Desk: Mahikeng  Potchefstroom  Vanderbijlpark.