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S4B migration is suspended until further notice!

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Digital Workplace Project: DT-Comms - Skype for Business

Dear colleague

The Digital Telephony (DT Comms) phase of the Digital Workplace Project (DWP) focuses on replacing existing office telephones with the Skype for Business (S4B) application on your computer.


The DWP team is proud to announce that 2023 kicked off with a fully Integrated Microsoft environment which includes S4B.

The S4B migration was relaunched on 16 January 2023. To date, we migrated 42% of staff members. Staff members still not migrated can Sign up for migration by completing the online form:

  1. Visit the Digital Telephony (DT-Comms) website;
    • Click on Book your date, then Choose your date;
    • Click on the date most convenient and complete the form.


  1. Click on a convenient date below and complete the online form:

After signing up, the DWP Team will contact you on the day via email to make the necessary arrangements.


Important notes





Personalised email

  • S4B uses your Outlook email credentials
  • Please personalise your email address before requesting migration to S4B
  • You can migrate without personalising, but if you personalise afterwards, the migration will have to be redone.
  • Log a ticket in Service manager for assistance with personalisation.


Skype for Business (telephone) number

Your S4B number is the number allocated to you and will stay the same if you move offices, departments or campuses.


Skype for Business for Mobile Phones

  • The S4B App is available on both Apple and Android devices.
  • We advise that you download the App onto your mobile, allowing you to see who is calling or whom you phoned.
  • Forwarding calls from S4B to your mobile phone will incur additional costs, and the "from" number will not be displayed but will show the NWU forwarding number.


Headset or earphones

The equipment required to utilise S4B is similar to those needed for MS Teams: a laptop or desktop computer with speakers and a microphone OR a headset/earphones. In an open office space, we recommend a headset or earphones.


Current telephone devices

  • Physical telephone devices are void once your migration is complete.
  • Please deliver these devices to any of the IT Service desks.


The support website is available to assist with the change process. The website contains:

  • a detailed guide;
  • training material/videos
  • FAQ's; and
  • links to sign up for migration.

Please be assured that the project team is committed to making the migration to DT-Comms (Skype for Business) as smooth as possible, and we kindly request all staff's cooperation to complete this process.

Please feel free to send any inquiries to DT-Comms@nwu.ac.za

Kind regards

Digital Workplace Project Team






Updated 16 February 2023.