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What you will need to know

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This section provides information on how to connect to NWU Network.

Access to IT services

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The information below will assist you in accessing IT services frequently used in your student life.

Do you have a question?

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There are various ways to contact IT when you are experiencing a problem.  Please find out how you can get in contact with us.





Mahikeng Campus Location

Student Walk-in Mahikeng campus
Please find us in Building A2, Room G31. Jim Mamphoke and his team could assist you with IT-related queries.
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Potch Campus Location

Student Walk-in Potch campus
Please find us in Building F20, Room G49. Anton Barnardo and his team could assist you with IT-related queries.
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Vaal Campus Location

Student Walk-in Vanderbijl campus
Please find us in Buildings A14 basement and A21, Room 105. This team could assist you with IT-related queries. Click to view our location.




What you will need

Follow the information below to set you on your way.

IT student orientation is the period before the start of the academic
year at the university where a variety of information will be available
to welcome and acclimate new students.




You are automatically registered on the NWU network and provided with an NWU IT account after successfully registering your course and modules through the Academic registration process. When you log into the NWU network for the first time, your User ID will be your NWU number, and your password will be your RSA ID number or passport number if you are an international student.

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Password registration management

When you are new to the NWU and receive your NWU number, your password is set to your RSA ID number@Nwu, or in the case of international students, your 'passportnumber@Nwu', for example, 1234567890123@Nwu. After your first login, you then have to change your password. Your password expires every 90 days. This is the password you use with your NWU number to gain access to most IT services
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Wifi and residence network

The wireless network (Wifi) service provides access to the NWU network. Wifi is installed in all buildings, including residences and surrounding areas. You will use your NWU student number and password to Log onto the NWUWIFI; find out more. All residence rooms are equipped with pre-installed network points. This service enables you to access the NWU network.

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Find more help here

  Call Centre
    Walk-In Service
Self Service



Access to IT Services


The information below will assist you in accessing IT services frequently used in your student life.



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Microsoft 365

As a registered NWU student, you have access to the Microsoft 365 subscription (using your Microsoft email address), which includes Office 365 Pro Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Access (PC only). Services like Teams and OneDrive are also part of the Microsoft 365 subscription.

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Desktop virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation provides you with a full on-campus Desktop experience wherever you are using a computer or mobile device capable of launching a browser or installing apps. The current Desktops being delivered includes software installed on a computer lab desktop
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Outlook Email



MS Outlook email

You will be issued with a MS Outlook address upon registration with the university. This email address may be used for communication with the university.

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Keep your device safe from viruses by regularly installing updates for your operating system. Be aware and guard against phishing attacks.
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This is the eLearning, collaboration, and research management system for NWU on the web. You'll make use of this service for academic purposes. To use the eFundi system, log in using your NWU student number.

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Computer room workstation bookings

Bookings depend on the availability of workstations and computer room availability. Formally scheduled classes receive the highest priority.
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Outlook Email



You can access printing facilities widely available in computer labs and campus libraries.

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Student eligible software

NWU pays for several software packages to be used under site licenses. This means that you can use the software for as long as you are a student and will need to remove it once you leave NWU. In addition to site-licensed software, the IT Service and Software page offers other useful free software.
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IT Help


Do you have a question?

Talk to us

There are three ways to contact IT



We have a Call Centre on each campus.  Should you experience an IT-related problem, please contact your campus IT Service Desk.

  •   Mahikeng Campus (+27 18) 389 2345
  •   Potch Campus    (+27 18) 285 4350
  •   Vanderbijl Campus     (+27 18) 285 4350


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We have a Walk-in service on each campus. Should you experience an IT-related problem, please visit us.

Mahikeng Campus  |   Building A2, Room G31,
 Potch Campus  |  Building F20, Room G49
 Vanderbijl Campus  |  Building A14, basement &
Building A21, Room 105





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Choose your campus and acquaint yourself with the latest Walk-in service  Facebook postings.


Self Help

  • Mahikeng Campus Facebook
  • Potch Campus Facebook
  • Vanderbijl Campus Facebook



To reserve your spot, please book here to prevent disappointment.


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