Laptops & Tablets


The NWU is part of a national initiative to provide laptops and tablets at affordable prices.

The laptops and tablets are moderately priced with discount on the fixed prices of some of the models.

Two suppliers have been selected (Acer and Lenovo) and each have different models to choose from.

Visit the website at
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Service Targets

All transactions relating to the procurement of the laptops and tablets will be between the supplier (Acer or Lenovo) and the end-user, except for official purchases that are via the KFS system.

  • Official:
    Although no software is pre-loaded, the NWU image will be loaded by  the local IT Service Desk.
  • Students:
    Each laptop is pre-loaded with Windows 8 Pro and Office 13 Professional.

Only one laptop and one tablet per NWU number may be purchased per year.

User Responsibilities
How to request this service

Private purchases may be done from the STP website.

Official NWU purchases are done via the KFS system.

How to report a problem with the service