PC Lab Virtualisation (Citrix)


The strategic goal of Citrix Desktop Virtualisation (click for a quick overview) is twofold: firstly to provide convenient, anywhere, anytime access on almost any device to NWU staff and students,  and secondly to extend the life of physical PC labs by offloading demanding computing tasks to a central system that is more capable than the individual workstations

Citrix allows you to connect to a Virtual Desktop from almost any recent device with internet access. Students have access to an "All-purpose Lab Desktop" with mostly the same software as can be found in the physical PC labs, while Staff have access to a "Staff Desktop" which has access to network drives.

This Service is Available to
Service Targets
The service is available 24 hours.

This service is available to all staff and registered students of the NWU.


There is no after-hours IT helpdesk support available for this service.

This service is not available to guest users and contractors at the NWU.

User Responsibilities
How to request this service

All eligible users should be automatically provisioned for this service. Follow the Getting Started guide on this website under Documents to set up your device and get started.

How to report a problem with the service

Any problems experienced can be reported to your local student IT support centre.

Other Resources
Last Updated
2 September 2022
Citrix-only Labs

NWU-IT is in the process of rolling out Citrix-only images to physical PC labs to extend the useable life of the hardware.
Users logging into these PCs will seamlessly be taken into a Citrix session where they will have access to all the software they need without any interaction with the Operating System of the physical device.

Mahikeng Campus labs

Rollout is an ongoing process – will be updated as labs are provisioned.

Potchefstroom Campus labs

  • C5-G02
  • C5-G03
  • E3-G11
  • G4-201
  • Library rooms
    • Main Library - Honours Commons
    • Main Library - Research Commons
    • Main Library - Tarentaal Training room 
    • Music Library
    • Natural Sciences Library
    • Theology Library

Vanderbijlpark Campus labs

Rollout is an ongoing process – will be updated as labs are provisioned.