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Skype for Business is the new telephony service adopted by the NWU. Skype for Business is a complete UC telephony service, which includes more than just telephony.
Skype for Business is an App-based UC telephony service that no longer requires a physical telephone instrument on your table. Instead, it is an App installed on your computer, from where you will be able to make and receive phone calls as if they were on an ordinary telephone.
Physical telephones will only be provided when it is the last resort and will be supplied at a cost.
Users are encouraged to use the App with their current headsets and communication devices. The provisioning of headsets is the responsibility of each Department.
The App is also available for Android and Apple iOS.

There is no cost involved in installing Skype for Business as it is a software-based App already installed on the computer.
Monthly rental: R55
This Service is Available to
Service Targets
This service is available to all staff members.
User Responsibilities
How to request this service

Currently, the project is responsible for providing this service.

How to report a problem with the service

Log a ticket or contact your IT Service Desk. click here


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