Payment for Biokinetic services made easy for students

As from 11 January 2016 qualifying students can pay for various services offered at the Institute for Biokinetics by using their NWU-Vending “wallets”.  If the student has sufficient vending funds at his / her disposal they can use their NWU student cards when making a payment for one of the service offerings provided.

The associated functionality has brought numerous benefits to the Institute for Biokinetics including but not limited to:

  • Improved financial measures
  • Improved business processes
  • Better alignment with industry standards and requirements
  • Improved monitoring and security
  • Reduced manual actions

The implementation was made possible with the help of Esti Kruger, Head of the Institute for Biokinetics, and Naomi Nel, Manager Administration both from PC School of Biokinetics Recreation and Sport Science. Esti and Naomi played a crucial part in defining the business need and breaking down the current landscape in terms of processes and data requirements. Jean Raath, Business Analyst, and Karl van der Merwe, System Analyst, both from IT Business System Development and Support then analysed, streamlined and translated these requirements in order to make sure the NWU-Vending implementation could be done in a way that provided the most value to the client. 

The endeavour started in June 2015 and took seven months to complete. After user training and thorough testing by product owners and end users the system was rolled out into production by late 2015 and is currently live at the Institute for Biokinetics.