IT CARES about your CYBER safety!

We are all familiar with viruses, but have you ever heard of phishing, identity theft or ransomware?  These are all terms used to describe issues related to IT Security.
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What’s your personal backup plan?
• Delete your browsing history
• Log out
• Disable the “Remember me” functio

Guard your privacy when offline or traveling
• Manually Backing Up Files
• Using a backup program
• Backing up to the cloud

Don't get hooked
• Non-personalized greeting
• Urgent/Threatening language
• URLs don’t match and are not secure
• Poor grammar/misspellings
• Subject matter does not relate
• Request for personal information

Preventing device theft
• Don’t leave your device alone, even for a minute!
• Differentiate your device
• Delete sensitive information
• Back it up
• Record the serial number
• Install software
• Store it safely If your stuff is easy to steal, you face a risk of theft

Securing mobile devices
• Password-protect your devices
• Secure those devices and backup data!
• Verify app permissions
• Update operating systems
• Be cautious of public Wi-Fi hot spots
• Make it difficult for criminals
• Set a unique ringtone on your phone
• Get the hardware details

Guard your privacy online
• Keep security software current
• Automate software updates
• Protect all devices that connect to the Internet
• Plug & scan

Secure computing with VPN
• Offers a seamless connection through an encrypted tunnel
• Protects your data
• Provides an additional layer of security and privacy when traveling

Will your password be unbroken? It should be...
• made up of capitals, lowercase, special characters, numbers and symbols
• kept private – only you should know what it is
• ensure to be unique, original, long enough and easy to remember

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