Green Payslips

Gone are the days when you had to wait for your payslip to arrive via snail mail.  As from October 2015 the NWU are sending payslips electronically.

In the “snail days” payslips were printed by Nashua, folded by Finance Payroll and then sent to the postal division for distribution.  Today payslips are sent by the click of a few buttons.

This initiative was made possible by IT Business System Development and Support who received the request from Finance Payroll.  The main motivation behind the initiative was environmental conservation but as a bonus it frees up valuable time of Payroll employees and saves NWU a substantial amount of money annually.

The role players were:

  • IM Finance Payroll:  Petro Wessels, Manager Payroll, who was responsible for ensuring that the business rules/process were adhered to.
  • IM IT Business System Development and Support:  Dassie Janse van Vuuren, Business Analyst and Roald van den Berg, Integration Specialist who were responsible for the technicalities – putting the pieces together and making it happen.
  • PC Graphikos:  Santie Pieterse Graphic Assistant from PC Academic Support Services Graphikos who designed the watermark in Adobe Acrobat and tested the security of the file.
  • IM Corporate Communication:  Marelize Santana, Online Information Officer who created an Afrikaans and English message to be used when sending the payslip from GroupWise.

The project started in July 2015 and went live in September 2015.  Payslips are generated and sent from the Oracle HR system.  The recipient receives an email with an encrypted .pdf file that can only be opened when supplying a password.  The process is thus safe, fast and sufficient.

Currently a number of payslips are still being printed on a monthly basis but as employees start adopting technology the need for this will diminish.

Employees who still receive a printed payslip and would like to receive it electronically should contact their Human Capital Practitioner and verify their email details on the Human Resource system.