Cybersecurity 101 Cyber Privacy

Learn what can happen when you post information online with this video from the NOVA Cybersecurity Lab. When you upload something to a social media site, that information is stored on the website’s server. People can access your information from a website’s server, including governments, advertisers, and identity thieves. You could unintentionally reveal personal information, including your full name, address, and phone number through an innocent post. Identity thieves can use this information to access your bank account and the accounts of your friends, jeopardizing their personal information, too. In fact, over 10 million Americans have their identities stolen every year.  Click  to view video

  • Social media: Don’t get too casual – think before you post
  • Online shopping: use trusted devices
  • Online banking: setting up security questions, memorable phases or pictures and if a bank call they will never ask your pin     

Cyber Privacty picture