Connect@NWU used for IT Departmental meetings

On Tuesday, 2 February 2016, IT@NWU held its first departmental meeting of the year. The IT Department consists of various teams and sections located on the various campuses.

Connect@NWU (powered by Adobe Connect) was used to connect the campuses by means of video link. This enabled all IT staff to participate in the meeting. Although this was not the first time that Connect@NWU was used for the IT departmental meeting across campuses, the following is important to note about the most recent meeting:

  • Four venues (located at the Institutional Office, Mahikeng campus, Potchefstroom campus and Vaal campus) connected to the video link, allowing almost 100 staff members to participate in the meeting.
  • A total of nine staff members delivered presentations during the meeting, of which seven were done from Potchefstroom, one from Mahikeng and one from the Vaal campus.
  • Two video clips (both approximately ten minutes in duration) were played during the meeting without any glitches or sound problems.
  • Seven PowerPoint presentations were shared, with control of slides shared across campuses.

The meeting of two hours went according to schedule and was successfully concluded without any issues. Due to proper planning and preparation Connect@NWU performed as expected and delivered savings in terms of travel cost and time. Lastly, the recording feature of Connect@NWU allowed staff members, who could not attend, to view the presentations afterwards.