VPN User Installation guide

Due to the exponential growth in request we are currently flooded.

Please do:
1) Create an IT request using https://support.nwu.ac.za
2) Add a reachable number on the request (e.g. cellphone)
3) Feel free to check for an update on the ticket as much as you like
4) Keep in mind that Microsoft has ended any and all windows 7 support. the VPN service on win7 has limited support and we strongly recommend upgrading your operating service to a supported version.

*We are doing our best to assist as many people, as fast as possible, your patience is appreciated.




Quick links for software

VPN Software download

AnyDesk software download

(MC4OES) Create an IT request using https://support.nwu.ac.za

Novell client / OES

Create an IT request using https://support.nwu.ac.za

VPN install guide

VPN Software download

Install guide (pdf version)

VPN instructions


Windows installation

  • Download the install file to your computer;
  • Select the Install file on your computer;
  • Right click and select Run as administrator to start the installation;
  • Username: Personnel Number;
  • Password: Network password.


Mac installation



Download the App for the use on a mobile device:

Configuration details for mobile users
  • Server: vpn.nwu.ac.za
  • Port: 9443
  • Username: Personnel number
  • Password: Network password



Linux help


Linux assist link