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Meet our staff:

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VPN for staff and students

VPN for staff and students



Video conferencing@NWU

Video Conferencing@NWU


If you have to join an external video conference meeting, the host will choose the video conference platform (the software used to con­nect) and provide you with an invi­tation ( usually an email containing a meeting URL). The host will de­termine the appointment time and should coordinate a test session to successfully connect ahead of the actual meeting. If you are responsible for ar­ranging a video conference meet­ing, you have to choose the video conference platform, schedule the meeting time, and invite partici­pants to the meeting by sending them a meeting URL. You also have to coordinate the testing of successful communications ahead of the actual meeting.

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Working late - Virtual Private Network

Working late, no need to stay after hours ...


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This service enables the user who is not on campus to work on the NWU network as if being on campus with access to all services (e.g. HPC).

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Book Computer Room Workstations


Bookings depend on the availability of workstations and computer room availability. Formal scheduled classes receive the highest priority. Click to read more

IT Magazine - Aug 2017

IT Magazine August 2017


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Are you moving from one building to another soon?

Are you moving from one building to another soon?


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Picture of Mr Danie Stoop ELD has joined forces with IT@NWU

Meet Danie Stoop: "Perfect timing to join forces..."



Latest Cyber Attack - Petya Ransomware

Latest Cyber Attack - Petya Ransomware


Petya acts like the rest of the hijack-for-money malware strands — pay up the ransom these criminals demand, or lose access to your personal files.


NATE 2017 -  Meet IT@NWU presenters

NATE 2017 - Meet IT@NWU presenters


The purpose of ASAUDIT is to promote and advance the use and support of computing. See full program

Watch out for the "con game"

Watch out for the "Con Game"


A social engineer runs what used to be called a "con game." Techniques such as appeal to vanity, appeal to authority and appeal to greed are often used in social engineering attacks. Many social engineering exploits simply rely on people's willingness to be helpful. For example, the attacker might pretend to be a co-worker who has some kind of urgent problem that requires access to additional network resources.





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I think my computer has a virus

I think my computer has a virus



IT Guidelines: For traveling abroad...

IT Guidelines: For traveling abroad...


Meet the NWU’s Research Enablers


Traditionally employees in an academic organisation’s support services were seen as service providers only when it came to research projects.

Results of IT@NWU student technology survey

ECAR 2016: IT@NWU online survey (Student Technology Survey)



ASAUDIT Autumn General Institutional Meeting 2017


EDUCAUSE: Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2017

EDUCAUSE: Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2017


Since 2011, ELI has surveyed the higher education teaching and learning community to identify its key issues. The community is wide in scope: we solicit input from all those participating in the support of the teaching and learning mission, including professionals from the IT organization, the center for teaching and learning, the library, and the dean’s and provost’s offices. see infographic

Ransomware picture

Ransomware: isn’t going away any time soon!


A Closer Look: Ransomware Statistics 2016 – 2017

Ransomware emails spiked 6,000%  A study by IBM Security found that the numberof ransomware-infected
emails increased 6,000 percent compared to 2015. Attackers are trying harder to infect users’ computers right
through their inboxes. These emails generally have attachments disguised as invoices, statements, spreadsheets,
faxes or personal notes. 

Phishing Scams Even Fool Tech Nerds— Here’s How to Avoid Them


You know not to click on links in sketchy emails

The e-Fundi platform is much more than chat and upload of resources...


"The e-Fundi platform is much more than chat and upload of resources, there are so many options that can be used for teaching and learning" Ruth Appolus lecturer financial health management UODL read more

Photo of file with lock indicating backup

Personal backup plan


Your data is the most important thing on your computer...

Be it family photos, important tax documents, pieces of art, your band’s music, sensitive research papers, or anything else, losing it is simply not an option. Unfortunately, computers fail, and often. Having a backup plan set before anything goes wrong is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a responsible computer user. Thankfully, backing up your data has never been easier. Follow this guide to learn how.

Improving your Skills as Research Computing Instructor

Improving your Skills as Research Computing Instructor


The second South African in-person Carpentry instructor training will take place from 30 April to 2 May in Cape Town and will co-incide with the eResearch Africa Conference.

Photo of cyber security

Securing mobile devices


Mobile devices have become one of the primary ways we communicate and interact with each other. The power of a computer is now at our fingertips, allowing us to bank, shop, view medical history, attend to work remotely, and communicate virtually anywhere. With all these convenient features come added risks.
Here are some tips to protect your devices and your personal information:
Password-protect your devices. Give yourself more time to protect your data and remote wipe your device if it's lost or stolen by enabling passwords, PINs, fingerprint scans, or other forms of authentication.

Guard your privacy when offline or traveling

Guard your privacy when offline or traveling


IT@NWU services related to this topic is eduroam, VPN, Password Management.

IT CARES about your CYBER safety!

IT CARES about your CYBER safety!


We are all familiar with viruses, but have you ever heard of phishing, identity theft or ransomware?  These are all terms used to describe issues related to IT Security.
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Photo of webdesign

NWU intranet is mobile friendly


The Intranet has a brand new look

The NWU intranet was switched to a new theme (“lookand-feel”) in the first week of October. This means that the current content is displayed in a new way. The new theme is a responsive design based on the bootstrap framework and it enables NWU staff to view the content of the intranet on their mobile devices. All the official NWU correspondence for staff, as well as important internal department specific content is available on the NWU intranet. It could be very useful to access it via your mobile device. Some of the content that was initially created in tables (before the theme-switch) is not optimized for mobile devices yet but we are in the process of educating publishers on better ways to present these type of content.

Microsoft digital  literacy aims to further technology skills

Microsoft digital literacy aims to further technology skills


Microsoft offers a range of self-paced online courses with optional certification. that can help you become more digital literate. There are 2 programs available to NWU staff and students: Digital Literacy and Imagine Academy (Microsoft Academy).

Microsoft’s digital literacy program aims to further the essential fundamental technology skills, as well as expanding the basic understanding of computers. Click to listen to the podcast. 

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DIY Service Apps now available from outside the NWU

DIY Service Apps now available from outside the NWU


You are now able to access the services without being on campus or connecting via VPN.

Currently the available apps are:

Leave Balances - Display staff leave balances Supervisor Hierarchy - Allocate supervisors per Organisation Entity (OE) Action List - Approve or reject applications and allocate workflow items NWU Vending Funds - Displays the funds available on a student's student card POPI - Displays the POPI status of a person

Support for each app is provided by a specific contact person (please see 'Where to find more information on an app' below). New apps will be added as new functionalities are developed.

NWUWIFI system upgrade


These steps are not necessary to follow for MAC users

1.  Bradford

2.  Manual

Please note that the IT department needs to implement an essential upgrade on one of the support systems, for the Wi-Fi, during the week of 30 January to 03 February 2017.

North-West University Becomes Software and Data Carpentry’s first African Partner


In November 2014 the first large-scale Software Carpentry event was run in South Africa as part of the eResearch Africa conference in Cape Town [1]. Since then 15 more Software, Data, and/or Library Carpentry events were run by the Southern African community across many disciplines and several institutions [2, 3, 4].

DIY Service Apps now available from outside the NWU

DIY-diensteportaal nou vanaf buite die NWU beskikbaar - Studente


Persone kan dus nou van die dienste gebruik maak sonder dat hulle op kampus hoef te wees of via VPN te konnekteer.

Die volgende toepassings is tans beskikbaar:

NWU-Vending-fondse - Vertoon 'n student se fondse beskikbaar op die studentekaart POPI - Vertoon die POPI-status van 'n persoon

Hulp vir elke toepassing is beskikbaar (sien asseblief die "Waar om meer inligting oor 'n "app" te kry" hieronder). Soos wat nuwe funksionaliteit ontwikkel word, sal nuwe toepassings tot die portaal bygevoeg word.