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No Wifi is available in residences.

Wifi coverage areas are defined under our Wifi Service.


Help in Residences

IT problems must be reported to the Residential Officer.

Depending on the workload, it may take up to two working days for an IT technician to attend to the problem.

In the case of a call-out the IT technician will contact the student from a "private number" to arrange a meeting.

The student is requested to keep his/her cellphone on and answer the expected call.


Self Help Forum

Students may visit the Self Help Forum and follow the different “how-to’s”.

This may be used for example to setup their Internet themselves.


Computer Rooms

Most of the residences have their own Computer Room ranging from 4 to 8 workstations that is installed with the standard software.

First Years


Very Important! You need to have registered your course at the NWU and have an active student number, for all of the following information to be applicable to you!


The following requirements are for students with a PC / Laptop.

  • CAT 5 Cable (Physical Connection between your PC / Laptop and network wall socket in your hostel room)
  • Username and Password. Your Username is your NWU number and your Password is by default your ID number and @Nwu (eg. 9706230080082@Nwu). To change your default password, please click here
  • Security Software. When you connect to the NWU network for the first time and you open your internet browser, you will be redirected to the remidiation website. This website will tell you which software needs to be installed on your PC / Laptop, before you can have internet access. Please follow the prompts to install this software.


The First Connection is available for download here

The NWUWIFI setup and guidelines is available here

The following requirements are for students with a Mobile Device.


Wifi Setup Procedure for Windows 8 / 8.1

Wifi Setup Procedure for Windows 7

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First Year Introduction Video 2016



Computer Room Availability

Computer Rooms


  • Printing
  • Software currently installed in Computer Rooms on Campus
  • Please note: New software will only be installed after each semester during recess. For any queries please contact Geoffrey Claase at 99 2689
  • For projectors, please contact Ingrid van der Merwe x 85 2602
  • Please note: Labs with projectors SK G02, SK G03, EKN, NWS 201, 215, 117, 113, BIB 309A and BIB 309 B

Location and hours

Computer Room hours are subject to change.  The Computer Rooms are closed during university holidays when the campus is closed.  Hours will vary during semester breaks and will be posted at each Computer Room.

Computer Room*

Official Name of Venue

Location No. of PC's Availability Overhead Projector Lecturer's podium White board
BIB309A Building E7 88 24/7
BIB309B Building E7 81 24/7
EKNG11 Building E3 69 07:00 – 19:00
Monday - Friday
N1G21, G22 Building N1 112 08:00-16:30


99 1533


99 1533



NWS113 Building G1 57 07:00 – 19:00
Monday - Friday
NWS117 Building G1 88 07:00 – 19:00
Monday - Friday
NWS201 Building G4 299 24/7 - (Ramp for wheelchair)
NWS215 Building G1 69 07:00 – 19:00 - (Ramp for wheelchair)
Monday - Friday


Building G1 88 07:00 – 19:00
Monday - Friday
G02 Building C5 49   07:00 – 19:00
  Monday - Friday
G03 Building C5 49 07:00 – 19:00
Monday - Friday
G11 Building C5 23 Dedicated to classes


(General student PC lab, not available for bookings)

Building C6c 20 07:30 – 20:00
Monday - Friday

Information for Academic Staff

Reservation of Computer Rooms

  1. Complete the application form (pdf) ( for IT) and send the attached copy via email to Alvera Visser or log a ticket via IT-Help attaching the application form.

  2. Complete the application form / aansoekvorm (pdf) (for Ruan Meyer) and send the attached copy via email to Tsholanang Tlhapi - 99 1336. 

  3. Please note: This is compulsory for all ad-hoc reservations and modules not formally indicated on the official class timetable, as indicated at the following url:  This is not compulsory for formal assessment.

  • Please view the tab Computer Room Availabillity for current schedule of PC Labs.

  • For Engineering (N1) bookings please contact

  • For NWS 303 please contact   Availability of lab can be viewed through a busy search in Groupwise at: P-PCLAB-G3-303.