Our Vision

Empowering the NWU to excellence through the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies.

Our Mission

  • To align IT strategies and value disciplines with business strategies and become a strategic business partner;
  • To improve the balance and applying the optimal value disciplines between the five functional areas of IT by moving from a low value support focus towards a higher maturity level in terms of business value for Research, Teaching and Learning, while sustaining the maturity of Administrative systems, Shared services and ANC (ancillary).

Our Strategies

  1. Staffing:  Implement an agile staffing strategy that will improve the IT value proposition (aligned to the NWU success model) and have a balanced approach to the core activities of the University.
  2. Research:  Add real value to research activities by implementing an eResearch strategy with all the necessary stakeholders (Research DVC, Research Office, IT, Library, Research groupings).
  3. Learning & Teaching: Position IT as a key enabler in the operationalisation of the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement:  Engage with different stakeholder groups, building mutual trust and understanding to ultimately become strategic partners. Openness and transparency will be key in this strategy.
  5. Cyber Infrastructure:  Improve the provisioning of ample and appropriate computing capacity, storage for large volumes of data, broad and ubiquitous connectivity, and specialised and IT-integrated capturing and analytical instruments.
  6. Support Model:  Improve the IT support model to provide differentiated support and enable self-support while facilitating freedom of choice. Strive for operational excellence.
  7. Continuous Improvement:  Continuously improve the current IT services to ensure higher availability and reliability, thereby increasing productivity and user satisfaction.