Tsela training, resources and support


Welcome to the Tsela training, resources and support page. Our page will provide further info on Tsela training opportunities, Tsela resources available for support and contact information for further support.

Tsela training opportunities

Tsela training can be completed in two ways: self-paced or to attend a virtual training session presented by the Tsela team. Please see further details to attend the Tsela training opportunity of your choice.


Self -paced training

Virtual sessions presented by the Tsela team


20 min

45-60 min

Steps to take

  1. Complete the Tsela user registration form.
  2. Watch the Tsela self-paced videos under the downloadable resources tab on this page.
  3. Use Tsela.


  1. Complete the Tsela user registration form.
  2. Complete the Tsela training sign-up sheet.
  3. One of our team members will communicate the Tsela training information with you.
  4. Attend training 45-60 min.
  5. Use Tsela.

Tsela resources

Click here for access to Tsela

Please see the following information and resources available for use.

Downloadable resources

Tsela support

For technical assistance and support, please contact Mr Xolani Boqo.