External and Internal Forms

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External and Internal Forms

The Q&APP processes provide an insight into the processes, activities, offices and responsibilities relevant to curriculum changes. Forms 1 - 4, 6 facilitate the various types of intended curriculum changes. The links below allow access to the relevant SCAS documentation for the formal academic offerings. Refer to the UCE for documentation on the non-formal academic offerings, continuing education (short courses).

















Senate Committee for Academic Standards (SCAS)

SCAS is a standing committee of the NWU Senate, established in terms of paragraph 19(1) of the Statute of the North-West University. SCAS is established to consider matters relating to the compliance, quality, relevance and responsiveness of the NWU's formal academic offering and continuing education courses, and to make recommendations to the Senate in this regard. For more information, see the SCAS terms of reference.







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Q&APP Forms

Faculties are requested to complete the online request form for curriculum support to ensure that all faculty requests are added to the SCS workload. The request will be allocated to an SCS by the Q&APP Manager External Regulations.

Form 1(a): Situation analysis used for new qualifications. It is envisaged that an amended Form 1 will be required for new academic programmes and campus extentions.

Form 1(b): Project plan template

Form 2(a): The DHETs PQM approval for a new qualifications not on the NWU PQM

Form 2(b): The DHETs PQM approval for a changes to existing qualifications

Form 3: Combined external application form for a new qualification (DHET, CHE and SAQA)

Form 4: Calendar (yearbook) amendments. Form 4 caters for a variety of changes to existing qualifications and academic programmes

Form 6: Qualification and programme document required, inter alia for IPEs and EPEs


Form 1(a): Situation analysis (application for a new qualification or a new mode of provision)

Form 1 is the situation analysis to determine the need and viability of a proposed new qualification, academic programme or campus extention, and its market appetite. The situation analysis (Form 1) must be approved by the Faculty Board and Senate (through the SCAS process) before Faculty may proceed with any further curriculum development.


Form 1(b): Project plan template

After approval of the Situation Analysis (Form 1) by Senate, Faculty supported by Q&APP, must develop a project plan for the (further) development of the proposed new qualification, new academic programme or campus extention of an existing qualification or academic programme.


Form 2(a): Application for new academic qualification

Form 2(a) (integrated in Form 3) is the DHET's application form for new academic qualifications. This DHET approval means that the new qualification may appear on the University's PQM and that it will be subsidised by the DHET. 

Form 2(b): Application for changes to an existing academic qualification

Form 2 is the DHET's application form for changes to an existing qualification. The purpose of Form 2 is to make changes to existing academic qualifications already on the NWU's PQM. These types of changes include new modes of delivery, campus extensions and additional CESMs. The form requires DHET approval, possibly followed by CHE approval.



Form 3: Combined external application form for DHET, HEQC(CHE) and SAQA

Form 3 combines the three external approval forms. The senior curriculum specialists at Q&APP will assist applicants to complete the combined form and then extract the information to the external DHET PQM, HEQC and SAQA forms. The purpose of the form is to inform and guide subject groups, faculties and CTL in the curriculum development process. Form 3 is used for all new qualification applications, or for new modes of provision for a qualification.

Form 3 must be approved by the faculty board, together with Form 1 (situation analysis), and submitted to Q&APP for tabling at the SCAS. Upon approval by the Senate, through the SCAS, the application will be submitted by Q&APP for external approval.

Form 4: Yearbook changes (applications that require internal approval only)

The aim of Form 4 is to capture all changes to qualifications, programmes and modules, that require changes to the yearbook. Types of changes requiring SCAS approval include:

  • Module changes (adding/removing a module, changing module names, codes, credits or module outcomes)
  • Changing the sequence of modules in a programme
  • New programmes/changes to existing programmes
  • Adding a new programme to an existing qualification
  • Changes to summative assessment

*Note that all these changes need to be investigated by Q&APP and/or CTL to advise accordingly.

A concise motivation for these changes must be included with Form 4. Form 4 must be approved by the faculty board and submitted to Q&APP for SCAS meetings. Note that the agenda for SCAS meetings closes two weeks prior to the meeting.



Form 6 is the qualification and programme document

The qualification document includes the externally approved qualification information as well as the internal programme information linked to the qualification. Form 6 is the curriculum blueprint in all qualifications and should be updated in curriculum renewal processes, changes to yearbooks IPE's and EPE's.

Draft Template ToR for Advisory Committees at the NWU

This is a draft template to serve as guideline for the drafting of a qualification, programme or School's terms of reference for its Advisory Committee for collaboration with relevant industry. Inquiries can be referred to sharon.paulse@nwu.ac

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