Frequent answers and questions (FAQ’s)


What is Tsela?

Tsela is NWU’s curriculum mapping system (CMS). This system provides an electronic platform for an end-to-end roadmap that manages internal and external curriculum-related applications as approved by the Senate Committee for Academic Standards (SCAS). Tsela brings the applicant and other role players together on one platform for a smooth facilitation of the process flow; while maintaining the management of the NWU curriculum.

Why do I need to use Tsela?

The use of “forms” will soon be phased out and only the CMS will be used.

How do I get started?

Tsela can be done in two ways, self-paced or to attend a virtual training session presented by the Tsela team. Please see further details to attend the Tsela training opportunity of your choice.

Please see our support page here for the steps to get started.

Who can I contact for support if I struggle?

For technical assistance and support, please contact Mr Xolani Boqo.

If I make a mistake, can something be erased from Tsela?

Working on Tsela implies working in a live environment on the CMS. Therefore, it is essential to attend the training and not insert fictional into the CMS. If mistakes are made, the applicant can contact the system administrator, Mr Xolani Boqo, for assistance.

What are the different forms Tsela requires users to complete?

Tsela makes use of the NWU SCAS forms in electronic format with workflow. Form 1 is situation analysis. Form 2 is the application for changes to an existing academic qualification. Form 3 (section A and B) is the combined external application form for DHET, HEQC and SAQA. Form 4 is the application form used to make yearbook changes that require internal NWU approval only. Form 6 is the qualification and programme document. For access to the downloadable versions of these forms please click here.

Will the system send notifications or reminders for tasks I need to complete or address?

Yes, the system can notify or remind you to complete actions.

Is it possible to initiate an application midway, for instance, beginning directly with form 3 instead of starting with form 1?

It depends on the context of your application type. For new qualifications, it will require you to first complete a form 1 and move to form 3. For changes to existing qualifications, it will allow you to make changes to form 3 without completing a form 1.

After finalising the creation of a form, can I return to my previous work and make amendments if needed?

Tsela allows users to continue with sections where they stopped working, share the application with colleagues and revise sections completed in the past if the sections were not moved on to the next step in the approval process. If the application proceeds to SCAS approval, no changes can be made anymore.