Stay ahead of change: Take advantage of Gartner’s free subscription, and become part of digital transformation

The world has sped up and you have to stay ahead of change! You don’t have a lot of time!  Here is some good news.  The NWU has extended its Gartner license to all students and staff. You now have access to hundreds of thousands of articles, not only focusing on IT but also on leadership, finance, HR, innovation and strategy, legal and compliance, procurement and operations, risk and audit and much more.  Just about any staff member, researcher and student would find this research useful.

To stay on top of your game access the power of Gartner via NWU library site. Based on Your Profile, Your tracks and how You use the site, delivers customised content, tailored to what you need now! Everything is organised in a scrollable smart newsfeed web format.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets. Login at ( with your Student/Personnel number and your CAS password aka your network password, and enjoy the Gartner experience!