These steps are not necessary to follow for MAC users

1.  Bradford

2.  Manual

Please note that the IT department needs to implement an essential upgrade on one of the support systems, for the Wi-Fi, during the week of 30 January to 03 February 2017.

The upgrade will take place per campus during which the Wi-Fi service will be unavailable at the relevant campus. The scheduled timeslots for the upgrade are as follows:

Business entity Date Timeslot
Mahikeng Wednesday, 1 February 2017  20:00 - 23:00
Potchefstroom Monday,  30 January  2017 20:00 - 23:00
Vaal Campus Wednesday, 1 February 2017   20:00 - 23:00

IT needs your help with the following:
For a smooth upgrade, it is essential that each device that connects to the NWUWIFI software be updated in advance. The update is a prerequisite for connectivity to IT services, for example Groupwise, Internet, network printers, academic and business systems etc.
Do you use a laptop to connect to NWUWIFI?
Follow the steps in the guide/manual to update the required software (Bradford) on your laptop.
Note that the upgrade of this software will not affect your connectivity.

Do you use a mobile device to connect to NWUWIFI?
No actions are required on mobile devices.

What can you expect after the upgrade on your campus?
All devices that connect to the NWUWIFI will have to re-authenticate with your NWU number and password on the Wi-Fi system.  Note that a "Bradford Persistent Agent" window will appear on laptops that already have the updated Bradford software installed.

If you experience any problems with the above update, please contact your campus IT helpdesk.

During the week of the upgrade process, users who travel between the various campuses of the NWU, that needs to connect to NWUWIFI, will have to reconnect on the specific campus.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this regard.

Information Technology