Moving forward!

The NWU implemented eFundi (powered by Sakai) as a learning management system at the end of 2006. Since then the number of simultaneous users grew from a maximum of 3000 in 2013 to a maximum of 8000 in 2015. This makes eFundi the most used mission critical system at the university. eFundi is mostly used as a content sharing and collaborative tool.

With the new emphasis on blended learning and the electronic creation of study material, the tools that aid users with this become more important. Therefore, we see an increase in the usage of eFundi tools including Lesson builder, Web content and the recently added LTI integration tools.

To see more features of the eFundi production implementation of 2015, watch this movie clip.

Fig1: eFundi tools mostly used

Fig1: eFundi tools mostly used

Roadmap for 2015

July December
Offline mobile and desktop application will be piloted in production Implementation of the latest version of Sakai, which promises a new responsive look and feel called Morpheus
Lecture capture pilot moves to production  

23 April 2015