IT goes green with PaperCut print management system

PaperCut is a print management system which saves paper and therefore reduces costs by enabling users to release their own print jobs. At the NWU this is done by swiping the user’s NWU card.

A pilot implementation of this system was done on the Vanderbijlpark Campus in the student environment. All the printers available to students in the computer rooms as well as the Library were equipped with the necessary hardware. After thorough testing the system went live during March. Although students can still add money to their printing accounts at all the pay points available in the previous system, a self-help money box was also installed. Students can deposit money on their printing account by swiping their NWU cards and putting the money in the slots (similar to self-help parking cash boxes in parkades). The student’s account is immediately credited with the deposited amount.
Students can release their print jobs on any student printer by swiping their NWU card. Photocopying can also be done on any of the assigned devices.
The student environment on the Potchefstroom Campus is next and will be followed by that on the Mahikeng Campus. Thereafter the staff environment will be converted.

23 April 2015