The Universum Student Survey has a very important role to play in the teaching-learning environment as it provides the university with valuable and objective insights into the opinions and preferences of our students. Besides giving valuable information on the satisfaction levels of our students, it also provides the university with insights into how prepared students are for the world of work, which allows the university to see in what areas we can better prepare the students and contribute to our student success.


Universum South African Professional Survey: The survey gathers data pertaining to Professionals’ preferences, experiences and opinions regarding a number of career related factors, their communication preferences, and data on their university experience.

The purpose of the research is to survey opinions regarding working lives, experiences, careers and priorities for the future. The survey also examines opinions regarding university experience and alumni experience. The survey results help universities and employers in understanding the motivational factors and goals of today’s Professionals. The data helps organisations to develop and refine their recruitment strategies, and provides universities with in-depth knowledge about their Alumni members.


The South African Professionals’ Survey aims to:

  • Encourage respondents to think proactively about their careers 

  • Provide universities with valuable information regarding their alumni

  • Provide a communication channel between respondents and employers

  • Allow comparisons of Professionals’ perceptions around the world.


The SAGEA Employer & Candidate Survey:

The SAGEA surveys alert Universities to the demand for graduates both in terms of industry requirements, but also as to skill requirements and how employers are accessing graduates. Survey results aim to inform the University about graduate recruitment patterns and to prepare our graduates for the next transition in their life to the world of work, all of which is relevant in the lecture rooms.

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