The Career Centre offers added value to both students and graduates by making them aware of the kind of qualities and skills that employers are looking for.

The Career Centre believes that one of their top priorities is helping students learn more about themselves, examine their beliefs and appreciate the work they are doing as they move towards a degree. In order to help students to develop this understanding, we as a University, must combine academic experience and learning, both inside and outside the lecture room, with an understanding of how these experiences can prepare students for a career.

This means that we must help our students to think about a career not just as a series of jobs, but rather as a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth and development that adds “experiences to the student’s toolbox of life.”

The Career Centre thus plays an integral part in the Teaching-Learning environment and gives constructive feedback on a regular basis to the Institutional Committee for Teaching-Learning and the Teaching-Learning Forum on Career Centre activities, as well as assist employers and academics to engage with each other on specific needs.


Contact Us 

Mafikeng Campus (Student Centre) - 018 3892575

Potchefstroom Campus (Building F25) - 018 299 4409

Vaal Triangle Campus (Building 13, SL 333) - 016 910 3040