We protect human lives, property and buildings by providing efficient patrol services, preventing crime, investigating cases, protecting very important persons, and supporting ambulance and firefighting services.

Security services include:

  •   General rules and behaviour regarding activities on campus
  •   Arrests
  •   Security police enquiries
  •   After-hours security of University property
  •   Lost and found property
  •   Bringing firearms to or owning, storing or handling firearms on campus
  •   Hoisting flags
  •   Disciplinary actions
  •   Preparedness, firefighting and ambulance services
  •   Alarms and monitoring system
  •   Investigation of crime
  •   Coordination of access control and early warning system (alarm systems)
  •   Alienation and removal of material
  •   Policy on student organisations, gatherings and activities on campus
  •   Using the University’s facilities for political purposes
  •   Procedure for handling cases of theft

Safety tips for students and in general