About us


Student Judicial Services (SJS) falls under the registrar and has offices on all three campuses of the NWU. Student disciplinary hearings are held on all three campuses. Student judicial officers report to the manager, who reports to the registrar.

Who are we?

  • One of the key performance areas of SJS is to execute processes, policies, procedures and practices in accordance with relevant NWU rules, policies and procedures with regard to academic misconduct and misconduct within organised student life.
  • SJS identifies and creates awareness programmes on topics, including but not limited to gender-based violence, hate speech and racism. 

What do we do?

SJS receives complaints and completes investigations pertaining to possible academic misconduct and misconduct in order to determine if students should be disciplinarily charged.  If students are to be charged with academic misconduct and misconduct (as per the Statute and the NWU Policy on Student Discipline), SJS continues with the applicable proceedings.  

Services we offer

  • Determining if there is a prima facie case to be made.
  • Drafting and sending of notices of hearing with charge sheets.
  • Consultation with complainants, witnesses and respondents.
  • Acting on behalf of complainants within the NWU during disciplinary proceedings.
  • Collaborating with various departments in the NWU in order to serve justice to individuals who feel aggrieved towards students of the NWU.  Collaboration may include referral for counselling, rehabilitative measures, community participation or any other option that is deemed fit by the stakeholders and falls within the mandate of such stakeholders.
  • Misconduct matters should be reported to Protection Services on the campus.
  • Academic misconduct is reported to SJS.


Staff members

Manager Student Judicial Services

Room G11, Building F19, Potchefstroom
Tel no:  018 285 2419

Student Judicial Officer – Potchefstroom

Room G01, Building F19
Tel no:  018 285 2661

Student Judicial Officer – Mahikeng

Room 237, Admin Building



Student Judicial Officer – Vanderbijlpark

Room G33, Building 25
Tel no:  016 910 3176


Student Judicial Officer – Residences and SCC

Room G12, Building F19
Tel no:  018 285 2099