Official Student Disciplinary Enquiry Form

Please complete this form in full to report any incident of academic dishonesty. Keep a copy for your record and send the original form, together with all original supporting documents, via e-mail or by hand (do not send via internal mail) to the Student Disciplinary Office (contact details indicated above).
NB! One enquiry form per student.

In terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, this document and all supporting documentation must be handled as strictly confidential.

Compulsory fields
This section is compulsory and is of great value to the Student Disciplinary Office in the execution of a fair enquiry and hearing procedure. Please follow these guidelines when formulating your written statement: (1) please identify yourself; (2) mention the transgression that has been committed; (3) mention time, place, circumstance; (4) if applicable, mention witnesses.
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