Research Data Gatekeeper Committee (RDGC)

Research Data Gatekeeper Committee

Gaining access to the NWU to conduct research (RDGC Process)

If a researcher would like permission to access the NWU to include the university’s staff or students as participants in their research study or if they would like to gain access to data (held by the NWU) for research purposes, a specific process needs to be followed.  All such requests are reviewed by the Research Data Gatekeeper Committee (RDGC) under guidance of the registrar.

To apply to the RDGC for permission to access such data or the relevant NWU stakeholders, please complete the following application form: 


For more information regarding the RDGC’s purpose and Terms of Reference (ToR), please contact Ms Feziwe Mseleni.


RDGC Meeting Dates

Meeting dates

Closing of the agenda

29 Jan 2024

13 Feb 2024

06 Mar 24

20 Feb 24

25 Apr 24

10 Apr 24

28 May 24

17 Jun 24

01 Jul 24

18 Jul 24

01 Aug 24

05 Sep 24

19 Sep 24

15 Oct 24

07 Nov 24

 23 Oct 24