About Records, Archive and Museum


Welcome to the NWU Records, Archives and Museum department website.


In our department, we are dedicated to preserving the rich history and heritage of our esteemed university. We understand the significance of maintaining accurate records, safeguarding valuable artifacts and promoting scholarly research through accessible archives. Our mission is to serve as the custodian of the university's institutional memory, ensuring that the past is not forgotten and the present is well-documented for future generations.


With a commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity, the department plays a vital role in the university community. We collaborate closely with all other departments of the university as well as external stakeholders to support information management needs. Whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member or a curious visitor, our services and resources are designed to cater to your diverse requirements.


Our skilled team of staff members possess a wealth of expertise in their respective fields. They employ best practices, advanced technology and innovative approaches to ensure the preservation, organisation and accessibility of our extensive collections. From historical documents and photographs to rare artifacts and digital records, we embrace a comprehensive approach to managing the university's invaluable assets.


On this webpage, you will find information about our departmental services, initiatives and ongoing projects. We invite you to explore our archives, delve into the intriguing stories from the university's past and uncover hidden treasures in our museum exhibits. Whether you are conducting research, seeking historical context or simply indulging in a curiosity for knowledge, we are here to assist you.


Thank you for visiting the university's records, archives and museum department website. We look forward to connecting you with the past, preserving the present and shaping the future through the power of collective heritage.


A short history about the department:


The NWU Records Management department was included in the department in July 2017 after forming part of the Records and Administration department for the previous years. This department aims to manage its records in an accountable, effective and efficient manner through the implementation of a records management programme that takes into account related objectives such as orderly classification of records, retention and disposal, accessibility, security and confidentiality, training and performance and quality management.


The University Archives was established in September 1993 for the collection and permanent preservation of records and other material relating to the history of the University.


Since the establishment of the NWU in 2004, the Archives, supervised by the Registrar, has been responsible for managing the archival records of the Potchefstroom campus. Support was also given to the archival staff at the Mahikeng- and Vanderbijlpark campuses. In 2017 the Archives on all three campuses merged to form one department supervised by the Registrar of the NWU.


The NWU has a University Museum situated on the Potchefstroom campus, with an exhibition offering an overview of the University history from 1869 until 2003.