The Quality Enhancement Office supports the principle of benchmarking and works in collaboration with various internal and external partners.

Internal partners

  • Portfolio of Teaching and Learning
  • Campus and faculty coordinators
  • Heads of support departments

External partners - benchmarking with South African universities

Other networking - “Garmin Forum” (Discussion forum for quality assurance and staff members)

The NWU initiated this benchmarking forum in 2012. Since then, this forum has provided universities the opportunity to benchmark/network/discuss all issues related to “Quality” in higher education of academic and support services of universities. Themes included:

  • 2012 - Quality assurance of support services in university context
    • Hosted by: NWU
  • 2014 - The scholarship of quality enhancement
    • Hosted by: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • 2015 - Towards enhancing quality practice
    • Hosted by: University of Limpopo
  • 2016 - Closing the quality loop
    • Hosted by: Vaal University of Technology
  • 2017 - Benchmarking of quality matters
    • Hosted by: CPUT
  • 2018 - Implications of institutional quality reviews (IQR)
    • Hosted by: NMU
  • 2019 - Student experience – academic and support - best practice 
    • Hosted by: NWU

Benchmarking with international universities