About us

The Quality Enhancement Office provides advice and assistance in developing and implementing quality assurance and improvement initiatives across the university. This office:

  • Provides support to quality-related initiatives as reflected in strategic goals and the Annual Performance Plan;
  • promotes and assists in the development of a culture of quality in all aspects of the university;
  • establishes and maintains policies, systems, activities, structures, processes and procedures directed towards achieving, maintaining, monitoring and promoting quality;
  • assists in the quality assurance of both academic activities and support services;
  • supports the development of specified Quality Assurance standards that are achieved constantly and repeatedly; and
  • provides advice within a continuous cycle of setting standards for key activities, judging and validating the achievements against set standards, planning for improvement, and taking action to implement the desired changes.

Director’s welcome

Welcome to the webpage of Quality Enhancement (QE). The NWU is committed and actively engaged in supporting and monitoring the quality of both the academic and support department domains. This is an enormous task and therefore quality assurance is embedded into the tasks of each employee at the NWU. Various processes that are implemented in all business units (academic and support departments) at the NWU contribute to the generation of valuable data that assists managers in making the appropriate decisions in support of continuous improvement. In this way the NWU ensures that services and products of high quality are delivered to customers and/or consumers.

Dream and Purpose (Vision and Mission)

The Quality Enhancement Office supports all business units (academic and support departments) in order to ensure a collective attempt in reaching the NWU’s overall dream and purpose (vision and mission) as reflected in inter alia the Annual Performance Plan (APP). These are done by means of advice and support on high-level university decision-making on the development of Quality Assurance and Improvement policy and practice, and to provide oversight over the devolved university quality management strategy as reflected in inter alia the APP.