OCBP students

During 2019, the university commenced with the NWU Culture Project to analyse and redefine our institutional culture. This project provided useful insights into how our staff and students view the institution, its people and processes, and it is from this vantage point that we can start to establish and grow an institutional culture which remains unique, is valuable to us all, and takes our dream and purpose forward. In support of the NWU Culture Project, the departments of People and Culture and Student Life have initiated the Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Project (OCBP), aiming to foster an appreciation of how our staff and students experience the values of the NWU through their lived experiences.

Here is what some of our students had to say:


Tafadzwa Maraswa

"NWU is living its motto, “It all starts here”.  In as much COVID-19 paused threats to many students across the globe pertaining their academic life, NWU had made it easy to its students. NWU had remained in touch with the students and there was no point I was left in suspense of what is going to happen in my academics. Resources were made available on time and I attest on effort being invested towards improving the student life."

- Tafadzwa Maraswa

Lethabo Malele

"The Covid-19 Pandemic was something none of us could have anticipated or even be prepared for. However, the manner in which the institution was able to take this unfavourable circumstance and turn it into something that can be worked with is what makes me proud of being an NWU student.
Given the challenges that came with the pandemic, the institution managed to uphold transparency in that communiques were sent to students on a regular basis of which is commendable."

- Lethabo Malele



Charnelle Kruger

Melissa Louw

1. What made you proud of belonging to the NWU during the past 6 months.

"Belonging to the NWU is probably one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in the past six months. The university as a whole are very helpful. I mostly appreciated the fact that the lectors went the extra mile to assist all students that struggled with data and wifi security. They re-opened tests and fully understood that some students really had difficulties getting their assignments in on time due to the lockdown." - Charnelle Kruger

"During the past 6 months we, along with the entire country, went through multiple ups and downs. Covid-19 was something that no one could've prepared for or even expected. Nevertheless, during these struggling times there has always been one steadfast element, and that was the incessant concern and caring on the part of the NWU. I am so proud of how quickly our university was able to adapt to the “new normal” by trying to accommodate the students in so many different ways. I am proud of the fact that this pandemic did not hold back the NWU in terms of our goals, which are to ultimately complete this academic year seamlessly. These past 6 months have just proved once again why the NWU is the best university thanks to our top management, and incredible lecturers who are always willing to go the extra mile." - Melissa Louw

2. Considering the challenges brought on by COVID-19, did you as a student still experience the NWU as remaining responsible, accountable and transparent throughout?

"Definitely, the university ensured that all the students are taken care of. They provided data for online meetings as well as extra support for those who struggled with other difficulties such as power and internet failure. The university did a lot of online questionnaires to gather information from us as students and find out how they can make the difficult times easier. I truly appreciate the North West University and all the staff ensuring that we are always taken care of and making the students their first priority." - Charnelle Kruger

3. Did the NWU go the “extra mile” for you as a student during the past 6 months?

"The NWU always go the extra mile for their students – I received a lot of support from the university. The lectors responded to my email queries in less than 24 hours and assisted instantly. They continuously followed up on us to ensure we are still on track with our studies and doing well. The NWU even went the extra-extra mile to ensure that the on-campus students are save and protected against the virus by supplying alternative residency to those who came in contact with anyone infected with the virus as well as those who tested positive. Thank you NWU for always going the extra mile." - Charnelle Kruger

"During these past 6 months the NWU has definitely gone the extra mile for all of its students. Not only was there constant communication ensuring us that they are continuously working to provide us with the utmost clarity, but they also sent out regular reports regarding the returning of students, and of the infection and recovery rates regarding all staff and student members. The one act that truly touched my heart was the fact that the NWU went above and beyond to provide resources and necessary equipment to those students who didn’t have any access to such. I am absolutely mesmerized by the swift and smooth action they took to make this “new normal” as normal and comfortable as possible for us, once again proving that the NWU will always put their students first." - Melissa Louw