The Unit for Continuing Education (UCE) is fittingly designed to have a positive academic impact that is of benefit to broader society, the student and the University. They are responsible for the management and coordination of continuing education (CE) courses at the University. The benefits of this unit include that the UCE:

  • Provides a valuable link to the world of work for academic staff, thereby contributing to meaningful and relevant academic programme development.
  • Supports the NWU’s innovation strategy by affording an opportunity for rapid dissemination of new knowledge to the broader science community, the world of work and other interested parties.
  • Contributes to the corporate social responsibility and community engagement activities of the NWU.
  • Makes a meaningful contribution to the economic development strategy of South Africa by providing lifelong learning opportunities designed to align with national skills development priorities.
  • Creates an opportunity for individuals who would not otherwise be in a position to benefit from the services and academic programmes of the NWU, thereby constituting an important aspect of the NWU's transformation strategy.

The UCE reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching-Learning (DVC: T-L). The UCE assumes the following responsibilities with respect to CE activities at the University:

  • Acts as policy custodian to the University through compliance monitoring and recommendation of disciplinary procedures to the relevant authorities if the policy is not complied with.
  • Develops and implements systems, processes and procedures for all activities in the CE value chain.
  • Develops, implements and maintains a participant registration, administration and records management system.
  • Provides coordination services to external stakeholders, including but not limited to sponsors, regulators and participants.
  • Provides support to staff members in faculties that are responsible for developing and delivering CE courses.
  • Ensures financial sustainability of UCE- and CE-related activities.
  • Reports regularly on all aspects of CE course offerings (including financial information).
  • Develops and implements systems for managing the reputational and legal risks of the University.
  • Develops and implements a quality management system.