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Faculty support and allocations

At Q&APP we are committed to maintaining and developing a high-quality, national response and globally competitive programme qualification mix (PQM). In order to achieve our goal we need to be of service to our faculties and committed to delivering expert curriculum support. Our senior curriculum specialists (SCSs) are allocated per faculty and per campus. Q&APP SCSs are members of all faculties’ teaching and learning committees, and liaise with the deputy deans for teaching and learning and research (for postgraduate qualifications and programmes), school and programme directors, senior faculty administrators and managers.

Collaboration with CTL

In terms of curriculation responsibilities, Q&APP collaborates closely with Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Q&APP is responsible for macro- and meso-curricular levels that relate to entire qualifications and programmes, and those within a particular school or centre. CTL, on the other hand, is responsible for curriculation matters at micro or modular level. During CTL Carpe Diems, academics are assisted with module design, including teaching, learning and assessment activities. Because all these curriculum development levels are interlinked, a close working relationship exists between Q&APP and CTL.

Collaboration with UCE

The Unit for Continuing Education (UCE) is responsible for the management and coordination of continuing education (CE) courses at the University. Q&APP supports the UCE with regard to the academic integrity of its non-formal short courses.

Collaboration with the Quality Enhancement Office

The Quality Enhancement Office provides advice and assistance in developing and implementing quality assurance and improvement initiatives across the University. In its endeavour to assist in the quality assurance of academic activities, Q&APP liaises with and provides support for internal programme evaluations (IPEs) and external programme evaluations (EPEs), where specific curriculum improvement matters are raised.

Registrar (PQM)

Strategic Intelligence (SI)