Virtual Career Fair FAQ

Virtual Fair Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Virtual Fair?

It is an Online Fair where graduate recruiters and students engage and share information on Graduate Recruitment Programmes and Job Opportunities.

How does a Virtual Fair add value to my Graduate Recruitment Programme?

You will be able to recruit a mass number of students across all campuses and also save on time and costs

How does a Virtual Fair take place?

It will take place at a specified time, on an online platform.  Once companies have registered, they will receive a link to login and interact/engage with our students across all 3 campuses at the same time

Is a normal Career Fair still going to take place?

No, the normal Career Fair will not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be replaced by the Virtual Fair

I have registered for a normal Career Fair, do I need to register again for a Virtual Fair?

No, you do not need to register again for the Virtual Fair. All we need is an email confirmation that you wish to join the virtual fair

I booked a double stand for a normal Career Fair. Will I get refunded for the extra payment made?

Yes, you will be refunded for the extra payment made.
Extra payments can also be deferred to 2021 should you wish to take up such an option

Will we get refunded for the extra representatives we registered for earlier for the normal Career Fair?

Yes, you will be refunded for the extra representatives

How will we get in touch with students?

A link will be shared with our students to login and join the Virtual Fair and you will be able to engage them directly

How many students can we expect to get in touch with on the Virtual Fair platform?

+/- 15000 students across all 3 of our campuses

Will we still be allowed to visit any of the campuses if we wish to after the Virtual Fair?

Yes. Subject to the university’s approval in line with Covid-19

Are there still going to be faculty-specific Career Fairs during the Virtual Fair?


Will we receive training on how the system works?

Yes. All stakeholders will receive full training prior to the event

When will the Virtual Career Fair be hosted?

The events will be hosted on the following dates:

 9 March 2021 - Accounting Virtual Fair

11 March 2021 - General Virtual Fair

19 March 2021 - Law Virtual Fair

26 March 2021 - Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

How much will it cost to join the Virtual Fair?

R5200.00 excl VAT